Homo Dentis by Tommy Smits

Lewis Chaplin @ 2022-05-02 13:12:02 +0200

« At this point you have a choice to make. You can descend further into the Inner Earth-and perhaps make contact with that advanced civilization. Or you can consider yourself fulfilled, and proceed no further. I would advise the latter. After all. you're probably tired and hungry. As for a meal, why not send out for some Chinese food ? While awaiting delivery, you can bathe yourself in light of the pyramid. Dine with gusto. And then it's back to the surface. Your visit to the Inner Earth has concluded. And it has been a memorable experience. »
Excerpt from 'Visitors to the Inner Earth' by Professor Solomon

Ensemble is pleased to present a new installation of works from innovative Dutch artist Tommy Smits. Smits uses techniques of custom framing and sculpture to elevate vernacular and everyday imgaery into surreal photographic objects. For his exhibition at Ensemble, Smits presents a new installation of thirty-two tooth-shaped sculptures, each unique.

Tommy Smits is a multimedia artist from the Netherlands. He is working as a photographer, filmmaker, art director and sculptor. Smits aims to turn contemporary objects and photographs into fossils, his main goal in life is to one day become a fossil himself. By casting photos in concrete, Smits claims to have invented photographic-concrete, which he will refer to as “Concretography”, a method of solidifying photographs in rock.

Thirty-two unique hand-polished terrazzo tooth frames
(Marble, Photography, Epoxy Cement)
Various sizes

Molar (big) : 960 € + shipping costs
Incisor (small) : 480€ + shipping costs

Please contact us so you can select your choice of tooth !