→ Céline Guillerm - HARRY

“Harry and Alejandro are the same age, eighteen. Alejandro carries Harry.

I meet them once in the evening along the Rhone, and again in the afternoon. Alejandro always carries Harry. The duo intrigues me, I approach.

Harry and Alejandro have grown up together but at a different pace. Alejandro, handsome as a star, wearing a basketball shirt, is at the age where one should spend his days playing pinball and his summer flirting. Alejandro carries Harry in his arms—three teeth, badly combed, one paw under plaste—as one would take care of an ancestor. A candour that touches me.

It is the starting point of this series, made in Arles, between youth and the twilight of life, powdery mildew and a helping hand, sap and marble, vitality and eternity. The eighties or the twenties, no one knows, the eras intermingle in a suspended time.”

140 x 195 mm
Self-published, 2022