Daniel Jack Lyons – Like a River

Daniel Jack Lyons – Like a River

Like a River explores notions of identity, transformation and coming-of-age amongst marginalised communities at the heart of the Amazon rainforest. 

Daniel Jack Lyons’ debut monograph continues the American artist’s long-term commitments to visualising the social and political rights of under-represented communities.

Initially from a background of social and medical anthropology, Lyons began working in the Amazon under the umbrella of Casa do Rio, a community-based organisation that celebrates and supports the cultural lives of teenagers and young people living in the depths of the Amazon. Lyons particularly visualises and empowers the trans and queer communities of the region, exploring how deep indigenous traditions and modern identity politics meet in a celebratory, safe space, deep in the lush canopies and vegetation of the rainforest.

Lyons’ empowering images celebrate the perennial coming-of-age impulses to express and affirm one’s individuality, resilient here in the Amazon against a toxic mix of environmental degradation, violence, and discrimination. As another generation passes through the quotidian rites and rituals of adolescence, Lyons asks: what sort of world will they inhabit, and how much autonomy will they have over it?

The release of the book will coincide with a joint exhibition at Les Rencontres d’Arles, where the project is nominated and exhibited as part of Prix de la Découverte Louis Roederer, and our bookshop Ensemble in Marseille, to celebrate our first anniversary. 

Vernissage on Friday July 01, 18.00 – 22.00
Ensemble, 7 Rue du Chevalier Roze, Marseille 13002

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