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Rebekka Deubner – Strip
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Strip by Rebekka Deubner

08 March - 15 May 2024

In this melancholy series, Deubner creates haunting photograms of her mother's clothing, five years after her death, alongside a performative video work.

"What's left of you? Your lonely clothes give substance to the ambivalence of your new condition. Death is absence, the fabric is presence. Death is presence, the fabric of death is absence. At the crossroads of your fabrics my body knows what it feels, feels that it knows: your clothes say that you are no longer here but that you were once here, my body says that you are no longer here but that you are still here. The material of your fabrics is a forest."

Join us Friday 08 March with the artist for a launch and booksigning,
published by September Books.
Exhibition 08 March – 15 May.


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Rebekka Deubner – Strip